5 months ago

Ciaragh began her apprenticeship in October 2017 in the administration field. Here, she reflects on her time so far at EMR and what she has learnt.

“I have learnt a number of things in the workplace and in college. I have learnt how to use EMR’S bespoke software which I continue to use every day. I have also gathered knowledge of some financial skills such as pay runs and ledger information, and also IT skills as I use spreadsheets quite often in work.

“I was also able to take an ICT course in college, which boosted my skills and confidence when working on a computer. Furthermore, my communication skills have improved as I now use email and speak on the telephone every day. In the workplace, to be able to contact traders and other staff members”.

But that’s not all Ciaragh does. Like most EMR employees, Ciaragh has a variety of different tasks to do during her day.

“I work in the admin team for EMR. My main role is to process invoices for payment, I process scrap and freight invoices which go onto either a faster pay run or BACS pay run. I also add the invoices onto the faster payment run as they get sent to me from other admin staff from different depots”.

But what about EMR does Ciaragh enjoy most? Well there’s a number of things, as she explains:

“Here at EMR, I enjoy working alongside my work colleagues as they are extremely helpful and friendly. I enjoy the opportunities that EMR have provided for me, such as being able to visit some of the scrap yards and docks to extend my knowledge of the scrap industry.

“They have also allowed me to work on different departments such as reception, to help me complete units of my course and help me get to know the people of the company more”.

Ciaragh made great strides in her apprenticeship, and now utilises her skills that she learnt, every day, here at EMR with aplomb.

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