Case Study – Lex
1 month ago

This story is from Lex whose part of the 2024 Racing Media Academy & the Youth Collaboration Group at Careers in Racing. Read he story on how she found her way into the sport!

So, I first got into the sport as I was from riding at a young and I have always been passionate about the equestrian industry. I have been a member of The Pony Club and competed in many disciplines however my favourite is mounted games.

I watched racing all the time on TV and wanted a career in the media world but I was not to sure where. I attended a Careers in Racing Explore Day at Newmarket in 2022. This gave me the opportunity to find out more about the sport and career options. I enjoyed the media side to the sport and started networking with the team assisting on some Careers in Racing social ideas, so TikToks & Instagram. A few months later I then joined the Youth Collaboration Group which opened the door to a load more opportunities. I got to network further with BHA, Raceday Staff & Racecourse staff doing interviews, social take-overs and also work for National Careers Week, Apprenticeship Week and International Women’s Day which was exciting.

I knew this was the right area for me, so I networked further with Sean in the team and was lucky enough to go to Doncaster Races on a Family Fun Day and York Ebor Festival in 2023. This was my first-time planning and managing the socials, so I had to plan my day, where I needed to be the content I needed and so on. This gave be the insight to what it’s like working on course in the live environment and I found it super exciting. Knowing it was all on me (with the help of Sean if needed) I knew this was the career path for me.

My next step was trying to find a way into the media world. Although I had a full-time job balancing the two can be quite difficult at times. I then read about the Racing Media Academy. After a quick chat with Sean on a bit of advice I knew I had to go for it. I could not let the chance go. I got my CV up to date, helped where I could with the YCG and applied for the 2024 Racing Media Academy. The assessment day was a first for me I had never gone through an interview like that, and I seemed to be the youngest there. I tried my hardest on the day and hoped for the best.

A few weeks passed and I was at work and got the shock of my life. I was accepted on to the programme the same week I turned 18 years old! I secured a place with Arena Racing Company and I can’t wait to start. I will first go to the British Racing School in Newmarket where we have a weeklong residential stay. Here we will hear from everyone in the media horseracing world, this will be an amazing chance to network and I can’t wait to start my placement in the Summer. I live near Doncaster Racecourse which is owned by ARC. So, its all come together and going back to Newmarket in April for the first time since my Explore Racing Day, I’m so glad I went it changed my life!

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