60 Seconds With Beth Collyer - Business Administration Apprentice
1 year ago

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?

After finishing my A Levels I decided university was not for me. I wanted to pursue my part-time swim teaching job into a full-time position. But after a few years, I discovered there was no progression for me in that career and I wanted to explore a different role in administration. I loved swim teaching, however I was eager to learn. I found it difficult to apply for positions as employers only seemed to be looking for individuals with experience and qualifications. After searching online, I found I met the criteria to apply for an apprenticeship. This route allowed me to gain knowledge and skills, working at my own pace, as well as understand the organisation I work for.

Tell us a little about your current role?

My role at St Edwards Primary School is to support the reception and school office with the smooth running of the school. My daily responsibilities range from greeting and welcoming visitors to providing minor medical support to our pupils. No two days are the same which I love as it keeps me on my toes. There is always a problem to solve, and working as part of the admin team, I get to learn so much from my team members.

How have you found the experience of balancing work life and study?

The good thing about doing an apprenticeship is that you learn as you’re working and carrying out your daily responsibilities, so this did not feel like I had to cram all the information in at once. During the apprenticeship I had one college day during the week where I could put all my focus into my assignments. On top of having an apprenticeship, I had a part-time job and found it achievable to get my assignments completed on time.

What kind of support did you receive from your college and employer as an apprentice and how has this been beneficial?

My place of work went above and beyond to help me understand the processes of the organisation and how I could apply them to my assignments. My line manager was my mentor throughout my Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships, and she dedicated time and effort to help me. The college appointed a tutor and assessor to guide me through my assignments and achieve successful results. I was placed into a class with other learners on the same course so as a group we could discuss assignments with each other and talk through any points we did not understand.

Where do you see your career going in the future? Where would you like it to go?

I have learned so much already through my apprenticeship, and still see there is so much more to learn, whether that is through experience or short courses. I love what the school stands for and being part of the team makes me proud. This is why I have chosen to stay on full-time in my position at the school. I would like to master the role I am currently in as I have already gained so much confidence and independence. I would like to increase my leadership skills and potentially work in a specific area of administration. The best thing is my qualification does not restrict me to one role - there are so many different paths I could take.

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