Women In Leadership
1 year ago

With the instinct to care and to nurture others, to feel others’ emotions, to take the time to understand other values are only just a few reasons why there should be more Women In Leadership.

Women leaders are often influential and encouraging of fresh perspectives and ideas. They truly value their team and opinions given to them and ensure that their team is feeling included and heard. It is often quoted that Women in leadership bring a family-like feel to their audience. What’s more empowering than a Woman standing up for what she believes in, her rights but also strengthening and motivating a team around her?

According to relevant studies, Women Leaders possess common traits such as, assertiveness, risk-taking, self-confidence and action-mindedness. Learning ways in which Women can tackle imposter syndrome could be the huge step between many potential incredible future leaders. One of the many scenarios that unfortunately make up Women’s imposter syndrome, are gender stereotypes.

There are many Gender Stereotypes, especially in the workplace and business industries. Firstly, we have ‘Women are poor negotiators’. It is researched that Women are generally more cooperative than Men. Women also bring more creative options, paying close attention to relationships to maintain expectations and are also strong advocates. A relevant statistic shows that seventy percent of respondents found female managers effective overall, with forty-nine percent being highly effective. 

So, how can we as Women overcome imposter syndrome? There are many ways in which we can combat imposter syndrome and attacks. One recorded effective way is to find and use a mentor. Connecting with a Female mentor can help you relate to one another and remind yourself of your capabilities and successes as a Woman. Another way is to follow and look up to an individual who shares the same interests and goals as yourself. This will help you create a vision of what your life can be and how you, as a person can execute your potential.

Women in leadership are also known to have more organisational dedication, more meaningful work, encourage her team in many ways, also advocating for the work / life balance style which, as a result, decreases burnout.

Understanding that there are many ways in which you can start to implement day to day leadership traits into your lifestyle is one way in which you can develop the characteristic as a natural. There are most likely many things in life that you are coming into contact with and/or completing on a day-to-day basis that you don’t realise that they are in fact traits of a leader.

What can we do to help encourage all Women around us? Always be kind and considerate. Wherever you feel that your guidance and help as a mentor or as a friend could help another, then do not hesitate. Notice that kindness always wins and that there are tons that we can learn from one another. It is so important to be open and willing to listen to others.

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