Why I Love Working In Architecture
1 year ago

So you’re considering Architecture as a career and want to know more as to why others love it so much? Having worked in the Architectural Industry for the past 3 years as an apprentice, here are my favourite things about this career. 

The Architectural industry is constantly evolving, as technology and methodologies are continually being adapted to suit modern climates. Having a duty to remain educated on these advancements is a great way of making sure that you are constantly learning. The variety of information you need to be aware of makes this career one where there is very little possibility to stagnate and become bored. 

Day-to-day tasks vary hugely, from forming Design & Access statements for planning applications to meeting with contractors to discuss material choices; no day is the same. 

I love having a very clear career path in front of me. As someone very particular and organised, knowing exactly how I can progress to the next stages of my career is extremely motivating. If you’re not sure about the routes to qualifying as an Architect in the UK, check the RIBA website for current information. Don’t forget there are part-time, full-time and apprenticeship routes available, so Architecture is an industry for everyone. 

One of the most obvious reasons people enjoy working in a creative industry is the opportunity for creative expression that comes with it. For me, architecture is the perfect mix of creative and technical. Being able to use your creative licence when testing ideas and concepts is very rewarding, and seeing ideas you have had pushed forwards is something I have loved so far. 

One of the great things about working in the construction industry is the ability to see and even touch the results of your hard work. With architecture, you’re involved with projects at a variety of stages. Quite often, you may even be involved with a project for the entirety of its journey. From the initial concept to undertaking site inspections to signing off the project at the end of construction, you’ll be able to see what you’re working on come to life and influence its final form along the way.

One of the most unusual aspects of working in the Architecture Industry is the range of working environments you can experience. Not all of your working hours will be spent in an office with a computer. Some days will involve model-making and testing ideas in physical form in a workshop, while other days will be spent on-site checking the progress of construction. This plays a big part in breaking up the routine and means there are fewer chances of feeling like you’re doing the same thing every day. 

In addition to this, you get to work with like-minded people, meaning the opportunity to learn from others and expand your creative abilities in an environment where creativity is encouraged has been hugely beneficial. In terms of being an Architectural Apprentice, I have found the support from colleagues to be monumental in my development.

Everyone has their own preferences and design styles, exposing me to a whole range of inspirations that I can use for university work as well as in practice. This continues on a wider scale, as being able to learn from people in different roles to you (engineers, planning consultants, ground workers) further develops your knowledge

It is important to make sure you are considering all aspects of a career, not just the positives. If Architecture is an industry you’re interested in working in, then hearing the opinions of those who are currently working in and studying for the career you’re interested in should help to give you a well-rounded view. Be sure to attend careers fairs and University open days to be able to ask these questions face-to-face and be sure the career is for you. 

Every practice will be different in terms of working structure, how often you’ll attend site visits and how creative the studio is, so be sure to research the firms you’re applying to in proportion to doing so if you’re undertaking work experience and/or an apprenticeship.

The architectural industry offers a variety of tasks and information, ensuring continuous learning and avoiding stagnation.

Yes, architecture provides a well-defined career path, allowing individuals to progress to the next stages of their careers. Various routes, including part-time, full-time, and apprenticeships, make it accessible to everyone.

The architecture combines creativity and technicality, allowing professionals to use their creative licence when testing ideas and concepts. Seeing their ideas come to life and making an impact is rewarding.

Working in the construction industry, especially in architecture, allows individuals to witness and influence the tangible results of their work. From initial concept to project completion, they can see the projects evolve and leave a lasting mark.

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