Upcoming Hsbc Webinars
1 year ago

HSBC have some incredible Foundation apprenticeship programmes available for you to apply for! On this launch call, you can learn more about HSBC's Foundation Apprenticeship Programmes! In this webinar experienced recruiters will tell you more about the Risk & Compliance roles. You will also get the chance to meet one of our apprentices who will talk you through their experience on the programme. This is an amazing opportunity to get information on the application process, understand the support you will receive whilst on the programme and to ask any questions that you may have.

Risk and compliance

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UK Customer Services

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Application hints and tips sessions

Being a successful candidate is easier than you think. In this webinar an experienced recruiter will provide you with knowledge to support your application and ensure that you have the information that you need to complete each stage of the process to the best of your ability. This webinar also includes suggestions for how you can prepare for face-to-face interviews. If you have applied for one of the HSBC programmes or are thinking of applying, this is a great webinar for you to join.


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