Tackling Interview Anxiety
1 year ago

Interview anxiety is something that a lot of people experience because the pressure looms that you need to perform your very best if you want to succeed.

When you first begin applying to job roles, apprenticeships, internships etc… the dreaded stage is usually the interview! Interview anxiety is expected because most people try to imagine every question possible and practice and practice to get the perfect response. However, all the practicing in the world may not perfect your ‘uhms’ and stutters and that’s completely normal.

The best interviews will entail what’s not to be expected, both the questions and the answers! If you can really surprise and intrigue your interviewer, then you can really showcase your worth. They don’t want to listen to you recite your CV or cover letter, but they’d like the chance to hear more about your talents, experiences, hobbies and more…

Wherever you may be applying for, they can already see your talent which has led you to the interview stage so be confident in yourself. The interview gives you the opportunity to really connect with your interviewers and show that you are the perfect person for the role!

For example, you can use the time to go into detail about your achievements eg: that qualification that you received – how did you get there? Were there any challenges along the way?

Also, ask them questions! Ask about their role, what they enjoy most/least about it, how did they get to where they are today?

A few handy tips to keep in mind are:

  • You’re already right for the role based on your initial application , as you have made it to this stage.
  • Display confidence (even if you aren’t!).
  • The interviewers have also been in your place with their first interview, so they understand how you feel at that moment.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality.
  • It’s okay to take some time and think about the question before you answer.
  • It’s also okay to ask for a question to be repeated or reworded,
  • Be enthusiastic, employers love to see enthusiasm about a role.
  • A rejection is not the end of the world, just a chance to improve!

It’s helpful to remember that they want the best person for the role, so they are rooting for you to be that! You’re also in the same situation as everyone who has been invited for an interview and they will be experiencing the nerves just like you.

You aren’t a robot so you won’t be able to memorise word for word answers, nor will this show off your personality. Therefore, you should take the interview as a chance to show yourself off, explain your achievements, and prove how you can really fit in with their team.

To conclude, remember that anxiety/nerves are normal but it’s what you do with them that will really impact their decision. You’re also likely to have numerous interviews before an offer, so gain feedback from each one and allow them to help you improve.

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