Studying Catering: ‘mk College Prepared Me For Life Beyond My Course’
11 months ago

We love hearing about our past students’ successes, which is why we were super proud to see Reece Richardson working as a chef in none other than Fratellis, MK. At 20 years old, having completed a Level 2 chef apprenticeship and studying Catering at Level 3, Reece is now working in a restaurant that is quite frankly, taking Milton Keynes by storm. We caught up with Reece to hear all about his experiences of studying Catering at MK College and his advice to anyone looking to study Catering.

Meet Reece

I chose to study Catering because I used to like cooking and baking when I was younger. I also chose it at GCSE level, so wanted to give it a go once I finished school – I knew that cooking would be something I’d enjoy doing as a career. Once I started the course, it became my passion and I enjoy it more and more every day. Studying Catering was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. Once at college, I enjoyed everything about the subject, but if it wasn’t for the tutors, I really don’t think I’d be where I am today, as they pushed me to do everything that I could possibly achieve.

When I first started my course, I didn’t really know much about my subject, therefore my confidence was very low. But getting deeper into the Level 2 apprenticeship, my confidence grew, especially since I was also in a professional kitchen as well as at being at college, so I was learning skills/knowledge and gaining confidence in myself twice as fast. Once I moved onto the Level 3 course, I had a good level of confidence in myself and was able to successfully get through it and continue with my career. If you have confidence, you can achieve anything you want to achieve!

MK College prepared me for my life and career beyond the course. Having the opportunity to do an apprenticeship meant that I was learning new skills and improving my knowledge while putting it into practice in my workplace. If you’re considering a career in Catering, the main thing I would say is NEVER GIVE UP! You have chosen to do the subject for a reason – now prove to yourself and everyone around you that you can do it. I struggled to start off with, but the tutors are all absolutely amazing so listen to everything they have to say and take on board all the advice they give you. In fact, the teaching and support at Milton Keynes college was brilliant. My tutors were always there to help and support me and if needs be, they would use their spare time to help us at crucial points in our course. They never let us down!

If you’re thinking of applying for a course at MK College, don’t hesitate or worry about anything. It’ll be an amazing decision that you will not regret. Apply for the course you want to do and focus on your future career, because the college and tutors on your course will do everything they can to help and support you to complete your course and set you up ready for your life ahead.

Want to follow in Reece’s footsteps? Applications are still open for our Catering and Hospitality courses. Take a look now and secure your place for September.


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