Reasons To Take A Gap Year
11 months ago

I honestly cannot believe that I am at the finish line of my gap year and wrapping things up. From being the scared, doubtful and self-conscious individual to becoming someone who has grown from adversities, rejections and such endurance, I can 100% say that taking a gap year and working in the legal industry (an industry I would like to pursue and develop my career in), was definitely the right choice for me.

As I am writing this, I refer to a LinkedIn post by employment lawyer Gillian Boateng, ‘’Just because you have not followed a traditional or typical path does not mean you are behind or doing anything wrong. You are right on time and exactly where you need to be for *your journey*. Your story is yours and yours alone - own it. Celebrate your wins. Take a break when you need to. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off when you fall. But, whatever you do, try to enjoy the journey and keep pressing forward - you've got this!’’ From my own experience, I faced feelings of comparison. Comparing myself to my friends and counterparts who went to university the same year we completed our A-Levels. I felt isolated, I felt abandoned but I will never forget how I allowed my own thoughts to make me feel as though I was ‘behind.’

Note to oneself and another note to those reading, do not let anyone define your own journey but yourself. Sometimes there are things, mitigating circumstances and so much more which can take place in our lives. I’ve recently been listening to podcasts regarding the concept of timezones. Think of your life as such, a timezone. A time zone whereby you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. Remember that your journey is YOUR journey to walk in and own. Own your mistakes. Own your regrets. But most importantly, celebrate your wins and achievements.

I am proud to have been working with Not Going To Uni, advocating for all things gap years and also supporting the rest of the ambassadors and the content that they make sure to upload. There’s difficulty and hardships behind taking the unconventional route and it would most definitely be wrong of me in this blog post not to acknowledge that. Everyone on their own journeys should be proud of themselves, the action that they took to get to where they are at now. It’s worth commending.

In this blog post, I will be highlighting reasons to take a gap year. For disclosure, not every reason I write on here will be just my own opinion. I took the opportunity to ask other people who are on their gap years/took a gap year, so kudos to them!

  1. Taking a year out gives you time to think. You have the chance to decide where you want to go next (university, apprenticeship, full-time job).
  2. You’re free to pursue whatever interests, hobbies or even side hustles you may have.
  3. You’re responsible for taking accountability for what you do during your gap year. You do not have to work 24/7, but you can set aside some goals as to what you would like to achieve during the year.
  4. Earn valuable skills you cannot gain from being in a classroom. 
  5. Once again, it is not a year off. It’s a way to develop yourself and your skills before taking the next step in your education or career.
  6. It can make a big statement about you as a person and can help you get into certain careers.
  7. Improve your CV by gaining work experience.
  8. Travel more.
  9. Become more mature, focussed and motivated.
  10. Earn some pocket money.

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