Productive Ways To Spend Post-gcse Or A-level Summer
1 year ago

With the end of exam season fast approaching and the feeling of relief well within reach, I’m sure you must be excited for the start of summer! Over 7 weeks of free time, completely yours to spend at your own leisure, with no stress and nothing to revise for. Where this may be an exciting prospect for some, it can also be an overwhelming feeling – you may be wondering what to do with all that time and therefore I am here to help. From both personal experience and seeing what my friends have done over their summer holidays, here are my suggestions for productive and fun ways to pass the time over the summer.

1– Volunteering

Find a local animal shelter, charity shop, school or care home to volunteer at. Not only is this invaluable life experience, being able to learn new skills and meet new people, but it is also great to put on your CV and very attractive to future employers. A couple of hours per day or week will help the summer pass in no time and will be enjoyable for you to spend time around other likeminded people as well. There will be nothing more rewarding than dedicating your own time to support a good cause!

2- Part-time work

Any work experience is great experience, both paid and unpaid. As a result, if volunteering doesn’t appeal to you or if you have already done it, have a look at getting a part time job to pass time over the summer. Not only is this great responsibility and experience, but it can teach you the life skills of money management from monthly payments – which you can save up or spend on experiences with friends over the summer holiday.

3- Tutoring

You’ve just finished exams and all the knowledge is fresh on your mind, so now is no better time than ever to help with tutoring or mentoring younger peers. This can again be an extremely rewarding experience that won’t take up every minute of everyday, but it is a useful little side job to pass the time, build up your work experience and earn some pocket money as well.

4- Travelling

If you’re at the age of finishing A-Levels or equivalent, it can be a super enriching experience to take some time over summer to go travelling. Explore Europe through interrailing, venture further and backpack round Asia or Australia. Or for a slower pace find a beach destination where you can completely chill for a week or two. You may as well do it while you’re young and independent, as long as you are sensible and careful whilst you are away – enjoy your summer by experiencing some new cultures!

5- Complete a course

You’ve had so many years of mandatory education; I can completely understand if you’re fed up with work, revision and learning. If you’re not, it is well worth looking at free courses or lessons to pick up in your free time. This is a super productive way of passing time over the summer and it will be a great preparation for starting A-Levels, an Apprenticeship or University.

And remember, there’s no time like the present to start looking for any opportunities that may have appealed to you from above or if you can think of your own ideas take the leap! Have it lined up for as soon as your exams are over then there will be no delay of being bored in between. Most importantly, also remember to enjoy yourself. This is your summer, you have worked so hard over the last year, you absolutely deserve the relaxation time. Don’t push yourself into doing too much.

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