Preparing For An Interview
1 year ago

With the support of rapidly innovative technology, it's rare to see a recruitment process with only a single interview. Instead, various stages that include various interviews are more common and through this blog we will attempt to prepare ourselves for each one with a few tips.

For us to prepare for interviews, let us first go through the current types of interviews. Online interviews are interviews that are conducted through an online platform likely zoom and Microsoft Teams. They reduce costs for the employer and has been extremely popular recently, especially with the recent pandemic of Covid-19. It is likely that for any job/apprenticeship you apply for it will be included at any stage from initially or towards the later stage of recruitment, but you can prepare for it the same way. The two following tips are more relevant to an online interview.

  1. Set up your environment in advance
  • Find a spot which is simple, free from distraction as well as being well lit.
  • Virtual background of a simple office
  • Test this location beforehand and see if the lighting works out or if another room would be better
  1. Actively engage
  • This tip is usually a generic tip for all interviews and networking events you involve yourself in, however in terms of online interview it may be smart to look and talk to the camera, this gives a more confident interview and conversation between you and the assessor. However, don’t expect to be perfect at this as it is a difficult skill, so schedule practice sessions with a friend or a family member to get more comfortable.

The second type of interview, more often the last stage of the recruitment process is the in-person interview and is usually the deciding factor between yourself and other candidates. It’s time to show off who you are, but remember you would not have made it this far if the company didn’t see something that they want in you. So, show them why you're the ideal candidate.  The following tips are specific to this:

  1. Be polite and kind to everyone you meet
  • It seems like a cliché seen on tv shows but receptionists and random staff members often have the power to have a say in terms of the success of your interview, so make sure to stay on their good side. As well as that, being nice also boosts your serotonin which Is the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of satisfaction and well-being. And being in this better state would contribute to your performance in the interview.
  1. Dress well
  • For this, being professional is important. However, another aspect to consider is being comfortable in your clothing. When you're comfortable you are much more relaxed which allows you to give great interview answers.

These are just a few tip that can be used for your preparation for an interview. If you step in and out of that interview, whether it be in person or virtually, be Confident, be kind and most importantly be yourself.

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