Ngtu Ambassador Programmes
1 year ago

Our ambassadors at Not Going to Uni are a valued part of our team. They help us to expand our brand and key values across various social platforms, which in turn helps us to reach a wider audience.

We have recently rebranded our ambassador scheme and introduced a second programme, which means we can welcome more ambassadors and provide even more helpful, inspirational and educational content to our audience! So, take a look below to find out more about both programmes!

NGTU Champions

A paid points programme, whereby you create one piece of content per month earning points which are paid in the form of Amazon vouchers every 6 months.

NGTU Stars 

A voluntary, unpaid programme, whereby you attend events, speak at panel discussions, create professional content with our in-house production team and more.

Who can become an ambassador?

If you’ve undertaken and/or are passionate about early careers programmes, then you would make the perfect NGTU Ambassador!

This includes:

- Apprenticeships

- Entry Level Jobs

- Work Experience

- Internships / Traineeships

- Gap Years

How can you become an ambassador?

If you want to join any of our ambassador programmes, please email [email protected] with your name, your current position and the company you are working for. Then a member of the team will be in touch to discuss in more detail.

What’s great about being an NGTU ambassador? 

Have a look at what some of our current ambassadors have to say about our programmes:

Harriet Myers, Customer Supply Chain Apprentice at L'Oréal

'I love being part of the Ambassador programme as I am surrounded by a supportive and encouraging team at NGTU, and a great network of apprentices who are from all kinds of roles and companies! I'm given the freedom to share information that I would've found useful whilst applying for apprenticeships'.

Sushant Chudal - Accounting Apprentice at St James' Palace

'Being an Ambassador for NGTU is absolutely amazing. Having this huge platform supporting me in my journey of spreading awareness of apprenticeships is great. I am able to send anyone who is looking for apprenticeships and further careers to our pages across all social media platforms. This is just one of the many reasons I love being an ambassador.’

Jainna Bhalla - Project Management Degree Apprentice at Leonardo

‘I love being an ambassador because I’m able to use the NGTU platform to share my apprenticeship journey and have the opportunity to inspire aspiring apprentices!’

Millie Smith - Level 6 Construction Project Management Degree Apprentice at the Department for Education

‘By being a part of the NGTU Ambassador Programme I have been able to share my experiences with other apprentices and with young people starting out in their careers. Being able to go to careers fairs and hold talks with schools means I can directly answer questions and give advice to those who need it. When I was looking at my options aged 18, there was limited information available on apprenticeships; but now, with platforms such as NGTU, people can make informed decisions on what career path is right for them, and I am proud to be a part of that.’

Ethan Woolsgrove - Digital Marketing Apprentice at Accolade Wines

‘I love being a NGTU ambassador. As somebody who used the services provided religiously when looking for my apprenticeship, I love being able to use my expertise I have gained during my time as an apprentice to assist future apprentices with their search and application for their roles. The other great thing about being an ambassador is the connections you make. I have spent a lot of time talking to other ambassadors about their experience as both apprentices, professionals and ambassadors. I would urge others to become an ambassador if they are passionate about helping the next generation of professionals embark on the first step in their career.’

Make sure you follow us on all our social media pages (@notgoingtouni) to see lots of great content from our ambassadors. 

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