Interview Tips
1 year ago

The interview process can be nerve-wracking, but there are a few easy ways to make sure you're as prepared and confident as can be. Read below some of our top tips to help you ace that interview.

Do your research on the company

You should be able to find a lot of information about a company's culture and mission statement online, as well as some info about their values. It's important for you to know what these things are so that you can prepare questions related to them in advance!

Take the time to research the role you're applying for before the interview

Researching the role you're applying for is essential to making sure that you know what to expect in an interview. If you don't do this, then it can be easy to get caught off-guard by questions that ask about specific aspects of the job description.

The first thing I recommend doing is reading through all of the responsibilities listed in your role description and making sure you understand what they entail. Then go over the requirements section, which usually includes things like education level required (GCSE’s or A-Levels). Once you've done this basic research, read through any additional information before going into the interview--this way, if they ask you anything specific from any part of their job description, then there won't be any surprises!

Be on time

Arriving late for an interview is a huge mistake and one that will likely cost you the job. The best thing you can do is show up early, have a cup of coffee at the cafe next door, and breathe deeply before going inside to meet with your potential employer.

If you're running late because of traffic or another unforeseen circumstance, call or email the company as soon as possible to let them know what's going on so they don't think you’re not going to show up. 

Dress to impress

It’s important to look professional and smart, so the interviewer knows you are taking the interview seriously and you want the job! You also need to remember to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, otherwise it will be obvious in your body language. If you are comfortable while looking the part, you will feel positive and confident going into that interview.

Prepare questions in advance

It's a good idea to have some questions ready when the interviewer asks if there is anything else they can answer for you before wrapping up the meeting. There are many different kinds of questions that could be asked during an interview process, just make sure you do ask some questions at the end! 

Be mindful of your tone, hand gestures, and posture.

It's important to be aware of how you come across in an interview. Keep your hands still and avoid fidgeting; sit up straight; avoid crossing your arms or slouching; smile confidently throughout the interview); be nice to everyone in the building (if it's in person).

You're going to be nervous for the interview, but try to relax and be yourself. The people who are interviewing you want to see the real version of you,not someone who is trying too hard or making things up.

Be prepared by knowing as much about the company and role as possible before the interview. And don't forget: do some research on yourself! Know what makes you stand out from other candidates so that when asked about it during an interview, your answer will be unique and engaging.

It's also important for applicants to not only come across as confident, but actually feel confident and this means practising ahead of time with friends or family members who can give honest feedback after each practice session until you are ready for the big day in front of recruiters' eyes.

Always ask for feedback

This is a great way to learn and improve your interview skills, so for next time you know what to do differently. If you unfortunately don’t end up getting the job, then make sure you get some feedback, you can ask what they liked about your performance, and how else you could have improved it?

We hope these tips will help you for your next interview. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to be yourself and show your personality. You don't want to overthink things or try too hard,you just need to be yourself! 

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