How To Make The Most Of Your Ngtu Account
1 year ago

There is SO much you can do on your Not Going To Uni account to ensure that you are using it effectively to secure that dream opportunity. 

Make sure your profile information is completed and up to date 

Your profile information is what your potential future employers will see before they decide whether to move your application forward or not, this is why this part of your profile is so important to fill in and update regularly! The more you include, the better your chances are to progress to the next stage of the application process. There are different sections that make up your profile, and they all require different information about yourself, so make sure you fill all sections out to the best of your ability:

Opportunity Preferences - Let employers know what you are looking for. Is there a particular industry you’re interested in and are you available to start right away? You can add all of that in this section so they know if your criteria matches their needs. 

Education - It’s important to fill this in, as every opportunity you apply for will need to know your qualification history or predicted grades from school and/or college. 

Work experience - Have you done any work experience or are you currently balancing a part time job with your school studies? Make sure to add that here! 

Language Skills - Your future job could require you to speak multiple languages, so if you are bilingual or multilingual, include it in this section.

Skills - If you have any skills that you think will help you stand out from the crowd, it’s worth noting down for employers to see. If you are struggling to think of your skills, there are some examples listed to help you, like quick learner, good communication skills and self-motivated. 

Attachments - Here, you can upload your CV and any certificates/qualifications you have achieved. 

Follow the companies you are interested in

On our website you will see a Providers' tab. We have lots of different companies, training providers, colleges and universities who advertise their early career opportunities, so this is a great place to browse all of them and see what they have to offer.

We have two types of providers: Standard and Premium. The Standard Providers will only have their logo and company description. Whereas Premium Providers have a lot more information about the company. If you like some of the employers, there’s an option to follow them too; by doing this, every time they post a new opportunity, you will be notified via email so you don’t miss out. 

Save opportunities to your profile that you want to apply for 

There are thousands of opportunities on our website, so it can be hard to keep track of all the roles you’re interested in. If you’re browsing and researching multiple opportunities, you can press ‘save opportunity’ so it’s easier to find that job again when you’re in the position to apply for it. You can find the saved opportunities in your account.

Create job alerts for opportunities you’d be interested in 

Setting up job alerts is a great way to stay up to date with all the latest opportunities without having to check daily if new ones have been to the website. It saves you time and all the relevant roles will appear in your inbox. After landing your dream opportunity, you can delete the job alert by scrolling to the bottom of the last email you received and selecting ‘Delete Alert Search’.

Read our advice blogs and case studies

Our blogs and case studies will provide you with lots of tips, tricks, guidance and helpful information about all things early careers. They are written by us, our ambassadors, and companies who are recruiting for school and college leavers.

If you haven’t created your free account yet, make sure to sign up now so you can begin your career search. 

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