Discover Credit Suisse's Exciting Apprenticeships, For The Optimal Start To Your Career In Global Finance
1 year ago

In the UK, our school leaver programs provide young talent with work experience and learning opportunities  encompassing classroom-style and on-the-job training, mentoring opportunities and buddy systems, and specialised  events. These programs attract top talent, the curious and ambitious individuals who want to get their new career off to  a flying start.  

Apprenticeships at Credit Suisse allow you to kickstart your professional development through training, mentorship, and  hands-on learning whilst you study towards your chosen qualification, combining theory with practice. You will spend an  average of 6 hours during your working week studying for your formal qualification with an external training provider.  You apply the learning gained through workshops, lectures and coaching sessions to your day-job in real time. 

With incredible success and champions throughout the business, our Apprenticeship program is a key initiative that aims  to grow talent from within Credit Suisse. 

You don't need any previous experience. Just the drive to succeed and the willingness to learn. 

Our apprenticeships are specially designed to offer a balance of training, immersive work experience, networking  opportunities and mentorship. As well as real-world tasks you study towards your chosen qualification, combining theory  with practice. 

You will complete this program with substantial work experience, an in-depth insight into global finance and a growing  network of contacts. Once you've successfully completed your qualification, we hope you'll continue your career and  professional journey with us in your chosen field. 

What will your apprenticeship be like? 

After a week of training and induction you join your team in your chosen field. For 6 hours of your working week you will  study for your formal qualification with an external training provider. You apply the learning gained through workshops,  lectures and coaching sessions to your day-job in real time. But it's not all work and study! There are social and  philanthropy events, apprentice group projects, a senior speaker series and the opportunity to get involved with our  employee networks – an incredible introduction to life at Credit Suisse. 

'One of the key things that I admire about this program, is that it allows you to have so many opportunities to learn,  develop and accelerate your career early on. With industry experts, not only just in your division but around the firm  sharing knowledge, advice and giving mentorship it is an experience that holds great value and is a vital asset to talent  development and career growth.  

The idea of establishing yourself in a work environment, collaborating with others whom have a similar interest – was  perfect. Seeing your ideas being built and projected while learning and developing yourself from peers with greater  knowledge'Amir, Apprentice 

'What initially drew me to take on an apprenticeship rather than head straight to university was the synthesis of gaining  valuable on the job experience, as well as learning through an established and noteworthy qualification provider at the  same time. Being surrounded and mentored by professionals within the field of finance has allowed me to fully immerse myself in networking with likeminded individuals. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge about how a bank works  as well as the overall culture within Credit Suisse.  

I have enjoyed the challenging tasks that have been given to me by my team as well as the independence I have been  given to complete them. I also have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of the programme and being able to reach out  to people within the bank easily' – Sukhmani, Apprentice 

Prerequisites. What you need. 

While individual apprenticeship pathways may specify preferred A-Level (or equivalent) subjects, in general to be  considered for our UK Apprenticeship programs you will need: 

to be a recent Year 13 school leaver who has attained A-Level (or equivalent) qualifications, or be currently completing  your Year 13 qualifications 

to have completed GCSEs, including Mathematics and English with Grades C-A* (4 and above) to have lived in the UK for at least the last three consecutive years

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