Bellway Reaches Milestone As 7% Of Employees ‘earn And Learn
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Bellway has reached a new milestone as seven per cent of employees are now working in ‘earn and learn’ roles and the business has once again been given Gold Award status by The 5% Club in recognition of its commitment to learning and development.

This achievement comes shortly after the business welcomed 87 new recruits to apprentice and graduate schemes in September 2022. So far, these schemes have proved very successful, as previous year's recruits continue to thrive in the business.

Through its graduate and apprentice programmes, Bellway hopes to expand its 'earn and learn' workforce in the coming years. The schemes have been carefully designed to ensure that their experience at the business is maximised to its fullest potential.

Following a thorough application process, successful candidates will begin their careers within the business with the goal of eventually taking on leadership roles.

By 2024, Bellway aims to employ 12 per cent of its workforce in these positions.

Laura Bell, Group HR and Organisational Development Manager for Bellway, said: “Bellway joined ‘The 5% Club’ with the aim of increasing the availability of ‘earn and learn’ roles. This has created opportunities for people joining the company and for colleagues who have been with us for some time. Upskilling our workforce benefits the company, employees and ultimately our customers and their communities.

“We are pleased to have reached the seven per cent milestone, which was aided by the recruitment of 87 graduates and apprentices this year. We are now firmly focused on expanding opportunities for training as we work towards the 12 per cent target by July 2024.

“Our long-term strategy is to establish Bellway as an employer of choice, whereby we can make sure we attract and retain the top talent by creating an attractive company culture offering a positive working environment and opportunities for professional development.”

The 5% Club is an employer-led organisation whose members pledge to work towards having five per cent of their workforce on a formal apprenticeship, or student or graduate development scheme within five years.

The club's recognition of Bellway's commitment to learning and development is a huge milestone for the business’s ongoing campaign to become an employer of choice.

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