Attend National Apprenticeship And Education Events In 2023 2024
1 year ago

Not Going To Uni are proud to be partnering with National Apprenticeship and Education Events for their 23/24 events.

The National Apprenticeship and Education Events are designed to inspire young people with apprenticeship, traineeship, t-level and FE opportunities.

Depending on your location, you can choose to attend one or more of the 3 events that are being held during the 23/24 academic year.

Central - Millenium Point, Birmingham UK: Tuesday 3 October 2023 | 9.30am - 3pm

South - Saracens StoneX Stadium, London: Tuesday 10 October 2023 | 9.30am - 3pm

North - The Etihad, Manchester City FC: Tuesday 19 March 2024 | 9.30am - 3pm

Attending careers fairs can be highly beneficial, providing you with valuable opportunities and experiences.

Networking Opportunities: Careers fairs bring together a diverse range of employers, industry professionals, and recruiters under one roof. This presents an excellent chance for you as a student to network and establish meaningful connections with potential employers. Meeting professionals face-to-face allows you to make a positive impression, learn about career prospects, and gain valuable insights into various industries.

Exploration of Career Options: Careers fairs offer a unique platform for you to explore a wide range of career options available. By interacting with representatives from different industries and organisations, you can gain a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and skills required in various fields. This exposure can help you make more informed decisions about your future career paths.

Insider Information and Industry Trends: Attending careers fairs allows you to stay updated on the latest trends, developments, and opportunities within different industries. Representatives from organisations often provide insights into market demands, emerging job roles, and the skills in high demand. This knowledge can be invaluable for you as you plan your education, skill development, and job search strategies.

Access to Internships and Job Opportunities: Many employers attending careers fairs actively seek to recruit talented students for internships, entry-level positions, and apprenticeships. This is your chance to inquire about job openings and ask key questions about the application process. This direct access to recruiters can significantly enhance your chances of securing job offers, giving you a head start in your career.

Overall, attending careers fairs can provide you with a wealth of opportunities, knowledge, and connections that can significantly enhance your career prospects. It's an investment of time that can lead to long-term benefits and help you make informed decisions about your future professional journey.

To find out more about how you can book FREE tickets to any of the National Apprenticeship and Education Events please visit -!/bookyourvisit

Not Going To Uni will be exhibiting at all 3 events, so we look forward to meeting you and discussing your future career options.

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