A Reflection As I Finish My Apprenticeship

As I have come to the end of my apprenticeship, I'd like to share some thoughts to help beginners. An apprenticeship has been an eye-opener for me. I have gained an accredited qualification debt free, all the while working, getting a salary and gaining crucial real-world paid experience, which puts me ahead of someone who has gone to university. 

I have been able to transition into the world of work, and get used to everything, while people my age are "taking in the university life". This gives me great confidence in myself to excel throughout my career, as I start my new and first role after my apprenticeship next week.

An apprenticeship has afforded me the opportunity to ask loads of questions, make mistakes, as that's how we learn, and build a foundation of knowledge and experience to build upon and tap into as I progress throughout my career.


I have benefited from the mentoring from my colleagues, as this has allowed me a bespoke opportunity to learn from individuals who have a vast amount of experience, both in terms of length of service and tasks they have completed. This allows me to learn on the job, which allows me to ask any questions and get answers in real-time from the best.

I have been able to take the lead on tasks, which has allowed me to connect with various stakeholders, both internal and external, gain an understanding of how my team and organisation work and increase my network of connections, which will allow me to seek assistance and advice from individuals in the future should I need to do so.

I have been able to earn a salary and get a qualification for free. This has allowed me to put some money aside for the future, compared to people who are studying in university, where many have little to no savings and rely on maintenance loans. This will allow me to be in good standing in the future, spend on the things I enjoy, and save towards holidays and outings.

After my apprenticeship, I feel that my confidence has grown in terms of networking, asking for advice and taking advantage of opportunities to develop professionally. This has opened the doors to obtaining the role which I am going into.

If I have one piece of advice to give, I'd say do not be phased by whatever you face, but work with what you've got, your colleagues will appreciate all that you do, and you add tremendous value to your team and the wider company. And with time, you will become an esteemed member of your team who will one day be giving advice to a new starter or even an apprentice who has joined your company!

And that's a wrap!

I appreciate you reading the latest instalment of my blog series.

But don't fear. I will carry on creating content exclusively for NGTU. Even though my apprenticeship has come to an end, I'm not going anywhere!

My apprenticeship experience has played a significant role in my personal growth. It has provided me with practical skills and knowledge in my chosen field, and allowed me to develop a strong foundation for my career. Also, it has boosted my confidence, improved my communication and teamwork skills.

During my apprenticeship, I faced many challenges such as adapting to a new work environment, balancing work and study commitments, and learning new tasks and responsibilities. If you want to overcome these challenges that I faced, I suggest you seek guidance from your mentors and colleagues, and stay engaged in continuous learning.

My apprenticeship has had a profound impact on shaping my future career aspirations. It has provided me with real-world exposure and practical experience in my field of interest, helping me gain clarity about my professional goals and the specific areas I want to specialise in. 

My apprenticeship has equipped me with a competitive edge in the job market. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its requirements. This hands-on experience has made me more marketable to potential employers, as it demonstrates my ability to apply learned concepts in real-world situations.

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