3 Tips Before Applying To An Apprenticeship

1. Read the job description and person specification

This may be obvious and straight forward, but trust me, it’s always the basics and simplest things that tend to get overlooked. Ensure that you have the job description up on the screen, and highlight areas which you can relate to, and think about where to draw relevant experiences and examples from. This would allow you to think of example and terminology which directly links you to the apprenticeship being advertised, allowing you to standout and give you the best chance to progress onto the next stage. Hopefully with the advice given, you’ll be able to take a unique and memorable approach to the assessors, and ensure that no matter what, you’ve given the initial application your best shot. Remember you cannot control who you are up against, only how you present yourself.

2. Research and understanding the company

There’s a saying, understanding the question is half of the answer. Well in this case, researching and understanding the company is extremely important. You don’t want to have the wrong idea about the company and write things which are wrong within your initial application and certainly at the interview phase. If you not come across as well prepared, then unfortunately the company will not take you seriously and see you as just applying to the role for the sake of it and the money, and as a result, your application will be rejected. Ensure you can align your values with the company, and find common ground, and things which makes you want to work for them, for example, their vision mission or values, and how that relates to yourself.

3. Read the Job Location

This is extremely important, as believe it or not, many people I know have been on their merry way applying for an apprenticeship or job and assume it’s in London and the company is based in London. For example, there are multiple locations, and it is important to make it clear, or companies such as Sky have apprenticeships all the way in Scotland, as is the case with the BBC as well. You don’t want to apply for a role which is inaccessible for yourself, and which presents you as unorganised and having an inability of an inattentive eye. Also, if you end up applying for an apprenticeship, within a company, normally you are limited to one per year, and only the first one is considered, so read carefully and ensure you do not miss on an opportunity for an entire year. All in all, ensure you are attentive to all the detail, and use this earliest opportunity to showcase just that.

That’s a wrap, hope you all enjoyed this blog post, as well as all my previous ones. I’ll be publishing my next one at the end of the month, so stay tuned to that! I offer 1 to 1 apprenticeship mentoring, helping individuals land their dream apprenticeship, as I believe that apprenticeships should be accessible to all. If you’re interested please click here:  www.linkedin.com/in/aymen-belkacemi-6245251a3

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