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    Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC)


Who we are

We employ over 1,600 police officers and members of staff at nuclear sites throughout the UK. We police each site in line with Nuclear Industry Security Regulations.

We also work with local police services, nuclear regulators and the Home Office.


Our responsibilities

We are responsible for the armed protection of civil nuclear facilities and materials whether they are on site or in transit. Counter-terrorism is a major part of our policing.


Our ambition

To be recognised nationally and internationally as the leading organisation for armed protective security within the critical national infrastructure of the UK.


Our mission

In partnership with the civil nuclear industry, national security agencies and regulatory bodies the CNC will deter any attacker whose intent is the theft or sabotage of nuclear material whether static or in transit. If an attack occurs CNC will defend that material and deny access to it. If material is seized or high consequence facilities compromised the CNC will recover control of the facility and regain custody of the material.

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