Yammy Law- Early Careers Project Manager Apprentice – Grads And Interns, Uk&i
4 months ago

What’s your name?

Yammy Law

What’s your job title?

Early Careers Project Manager Apprentice – Grads and Interns, UK&I

What is your apprenticeship subject?

Level 4 Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship

What does your role look like? What skills do you use?

My role primarily involves assisting the GB Early Careers Manager in effectively managing the annual recruitment cycle. This includes a range of crucial responsibilities such as planning the recruitment cycle, overseeing procurement processes, coordinating events, managing the application system, maintaining candidate records, and handling diary and administrative tasks.

How is your team? Do you meet regularly?

My team is exceptionally supportive and enthusiastic about guiding me in my learning journey. They generously offer me the space and resources needed to expand my knowledge. We meet weekly, even though some team members are not based in London, which makes it easy for me to access their guidance and knowledge.

What have you learnt since joining WTW?

What I've learned since joining WTW as a Project Manager apprentice: From effective team collaboration to streamlined project planning, my journey has been marked by valuable experiences and insights that have enhanced my project management skills. I've learned the importance of teamwork, taking ownership of projects, collaborating with diverse individuals, becoming more organized, and gaining confidence in managing my work independently.

How have you been supported at WTW? (For example, through workplace adjustments, adaptations for neurodiversity, mental health, or disabilities)

As an apprentice at WTW, I have 7 hours each week on both studying and practical apprenticeship work for ensuring that I stay on track with my educational and professional development. WTW fosters a healthy work culture that prioritises employee well-being and encourages a balanced work-life balance. Within this supportive environment, my team has been invaluable throughout my journey. They consistently provide guidance, appreciate the value of my contributions, and help in my studies, particularly considering English is not my native language.

What advice would you give to people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Apprenticeships are not limited to young individuals; they are open to anyone seeking a career change or wanting to acquire new skills. My advice is to thoroughly research the company and engage in conversations with its people to explore your interests. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you'll not only uncover new opportunities but also discover hidden talents and develop valuable skills.

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