Thomas Downham- Software Test Engineer (level 4 Apprenticeship)
2 years ago

What made you decide to come to IBM as a school leaver?

IBM is an amazing organisation that is innovative and works with interesting clients. They are responsible for lots of the everyday items we use day to day without even realising. IBM was able to give me the opportunity to be engaged with something that challenges me every day and help develop the world for the better. It is a place where I felt I would have a career with purpose.

What hints or tips would you pass to those who are interested in applying to IBM as a school leaver?

Be yourself, IBM is all about bringing your best self to work. We celebrate people being who they are, and it is vital you feel true to yourself; you will do your best work this way. Give yourself plenty of time for the applications and if you can, find yourself an area where you can sit by yourself and focus whilst writing them. If you find that there are keywords in the questions, then try and re-use these in your responses as it can help you to structure your response and answer the question.

What’s the best thing about your current role?

The best thing about my current role is the confidence that has been placed in me. I have been given more responsibilities to showcase my abilities and it has really allowed to me grow and develop. I’ve been able to make some great relationships with people from my client and it has made the role really enjoyable.

What support was available to you when starting at IBM?

There was a lot of support when I joined, I had a Foundation Manager who would check in regularly with me about progress, work, learning and make sure that also from a personal side everything was going well. I then also had a task manager who was my day-to-day manager on my project, they were always on hand to help if I had any questions and developed into a mentor to me. There are also your peers who have joined with you who will be able to support you along the way and build some amazing friendships.

What’s the best thing about being at IBM?

You get to work with like minded individuals who are passionate about the work that we are doing and looking for ways to change the world for the better. Being around for 110 years IBM has made many contributions to society and it gives me a sense of pride to work for a company that is still so keen on improving the world.

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