Sam, R&d Chemistry Degree Apprentice
5 years ago

When it came to looking at apprenticeships, Unilever really appealed to me due to the size of the company and the fact that it is a global company. I saw this as an amazing opportunity to work with people based all over the globe, as well as having the potential to travel. Having the chance to work in the same industry that I was studying in meant that I could apply what I was learning and develop a deeper understanding of how chemistry works and the real-life applications of it. Also, surrounding myself with people with a great knowledge of the subjects means that I can get support whenever I need, which is really valuable.


Going to university allowed me to meet new people, join new clubs and make new friends. The social aspect of going to university alongside working means that you can form friendships with a range of people from different backgrounds and stages in their career.

The programme has benefited me as being in the work place has helped me to mature and develop key life skills such as communication and team work skills, as well as the ability to work with different types of colleagues with different working techniques.

I would recommend the programme to others because the experience you gain can really help get your working and personal life going in the right direction.

Top tip - Make sure that you do your research! Read about the company, it’s ethics, aims, history and plans for the future.

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