Salmaan Saeed - Broking And Market Engagement Apprentice, Financial Solutions
4 months ago

What’s your name?

Salmaan Saeed

What’s your job title?

Broking and Market Engagement Apprentice, Financial Solutions

Where did you study?

Studied at St Bonaventure’s Sixth Form and now the Chartered Insurance Institute.

What did you study?

At A-Level: Business, Economics, Psychology. Now studying for my Dip CII.

What does your role look like? What skills do you use?

My Role Currently looks at taking WTW’s Broking Platform and integrating it as part of Financial Solutions’ Broking Process. That typically means optimising the platform for our specialty insurance products, producing governance scores that look at how effective use of the platform is as well as suggesting and driving further development of new features.

With the rich structured data the Broking Platform provides on Financial Solutions’ clients, market appetite and risk profiling I also work on engaging with carriers through presenting insight, understanding the insurer’s view of the market and relaying this back to brokers to maintain clarity on market appetite but also keeping insurers informed of Financial Solution’s insured portfolio and what we do in our business unit. 

How is your team? Do you meet regularly?

The central Broking Function is quite small in Financial Solutions with 3 people including myself but given our work represents the Global Broking Footprint of our unit we always collaborate across region and with the bulk of the teams working in London I see many of the brokers day in day out in the office.

What have you learnt since joining WTW?

For me the biggest learnings have been developing data and analytics skills by using dashboards and reports on Power BI and exporting this to create bespoke visuals for sharing insights to clients.

Alongside this I really have developed communications skills speaking with brokers, underwriters but also people in the same company that I never work from network offices or referral from previous work.

Are you working towards any qualifications, or learning goals?

Currently Studying towards my Dip CII.

Are you part of any of the networks? Do you get involved in any of the social activities at WTW?

Definitely get involved in attending events and seminars through:

·         Next Generation Insurance Network (NGIN)

·         Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN)

·         International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA)

How have you been supported at WTW? (For example, through workplace adjustments, adaptations for neurodiversity, mental health, or disabilities)

Really enjoy WTW’s Hybrid style of working where I can work from home and go to the library for my studies \but also engage with underwriters and brokers and learn by seeing in-office.

What advice would you give to people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

For me researching on the practical culture of a company goes a long way. While doing general research of an employer is great, looking at daily posts on LinkedIn and the news sections on how things are going currently and shows that you are up to date. If you know your interviewer, learn more about their career journey and what they currently do.

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