Robyn – Finance Apprentice, Film Marketing
4 months ago

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Prior joining Warner Bros. Discovery I was studying at sixth form for my A Levels in Maths, Economics and PE. While studying I was also working part time as a waitress in a local restaurant and as a kennel assistant on the weekend to gain small amounts of work experience in different areas. I knew from quite young that I wanted to go into the finance sector so throughout my education I did small work experiences within this area such as working with a small accountancy firm as I knew this could give me the edge over other applicants when applying for future roles.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

From quite early on in sixth form I had decided that University wasn’t the route I wanted to go down, so I looked at different avenues for after my A Levels within the finance and accounting sector. After finding out about apprenticeships I did some more research and decided that this was the right route for me, as it would allow me to continue my studying and gaining higher qualifications in my chosen career path while also gaining work experience that I may not have gotten if I had chosen to go to university. Furthermore, my qualifications and further learning would be fully funded by the company meaning I would not have any debt to pay off and I would be earning a full-time wage.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

The part I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is putting the theory and learning from my course into practice and knowing that I am contributing to the company within my role at the same time. I also enjoy the independence and flexibility that my apprenticeship has given me as I am given tasks to complete, and I will set deadlines and dates for myself to complete them by while also making sure I am up to date with my learning. This has allowed me to improve my organisation skills and multitasking skills while also gaining and learning new skills that I can use in future roles/jobs.

What has been your highlight so far?

My highlight so far has been seeing the films I have worked on in cinema and the advertisement for them as it gives me a sense of pride that my role has had an impact in the making and advertisement of such big films. Furthermore, my apprenticeship has led me to getting tickets to lots of exciting things such as big sports events and helping at premieres. 

What obstacles have you encountered and overcome during your apprenticeship?

When starting my apprenticeship, I struggled with stress as it was completely different to school and what I was used to. However, as I became more comfortable in my role and understood what was required of me, I learnt to manage this. I now recognise the importance of organisation and prioritising tasks which means I’m not stressed and can deal with tight deadlines or changes efficiently which I feel are important skills to have.

What advice would you give to people looking to do an apprenticeship?

My advice for those looking for an apprenticeship is to not get put down if you do not get one straight away as I spent 6 months applying for many different apprenticeships, getting through to interviews and testing but never getting the role. However, it is important that after not succeeding you ask for feedback from the company as this will allow you to understand what you can improve on to help you excel in the next one. 

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