Momeena Khatun- L6 Digital & Technology Solutions Apprentice
1 year ago

Q. The three words that best describe my Unilever experience are:

 Responsibility; Inclusivity; Flexibility.

Q. What has it been like working in your chosen function?

I value the responsibilities I have been given as an apprentice, far more than I had expected, working alongside people at all levels of the business. I feel included as an individual and am supported by internal networking groups such as Women In Tech. Unilever encourages self-development alongside formal job roles, and has flexible work practices which support people in different circumstances.

Q. Based upon personal experience, what have been the unique selling points of your chosen function? 

Working in the technology function, you get exposed to a range of projects, teams, and processes. This has given me the opportunity to contribute to Unilever’s innovation strategies and the digital landscape including the metaverse (e.g. Virtual Reality). I am excited to be involved in the latest technology trends, helping to shape the future and contributing to Unilever’s growth.

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