Meet Niamh – Level 3 Advanced Apprentice In Engineering
2 months ago

Meet Niamh, Level 3 Advanced Apprentice in Engineering. Hear what she enjoys most about working in Engineering Vehicle Operations and her tips for the application process!

Q: What position did you start in and what is your position now? Please describe your current responsibilities. 

I started at JLR as a level three advanced apprentice and I am just about to start my second year in the apprenticeship. I am currently following technicians in the workshop and learning how to complete different kinds of jobs with them, in all areas of the workshop. 

Q: Are you involved in any other projects / networks? If so, please describe what they are and what your contributions are. 

I am involved in other networks such as WIE&A (Women in Engineering and Allies), which is a network to support women in the engineering industry and create a community of women within the male dominated workplace. I am also involved with early careers, where I am able to go to careers events and promote the apprenticeship programme. Finally, I am also a STEM ambassador. Being a STEM ambassador enables me to go to schools and educate young people on STEM careers.

Q: What do you like about working here?

What I like about working at JLR Fen End is the community here, it is a friendly place to work and everyone is happy to help. I also love the amount of opportunities that are available to progress your career and connections that can be made. JLR are also very supportive and are advocates for diversity and inclusion including women in engineering.

Q: What are your career aspirations? Do you feel that you get the necessary support from your management / department to help achieve your learning & development goal? 

My career aspirations are to finish my apprenticeship and do a degree through JLR in engineering. Through my engineering role I would like to gain experience in managerial roles and hopefully develop even further up from that. I believe I am well supported in my role by my supervisor, because she is supportive of any events/extra activities I do to gain recognition.

Q: Describe your team / department, and what makes it stand out from our competition? 

Engineering Vehicle Operations (EVO) stands out because it deals with the most luxurious and ‘special’ vehicles’ the company produces. EVO deals with film cars, racing cars, royal and even celebrity cars sometimes which makes it a very exciting place to work and it is very rewarding being able to have an impact on such vehicles.

Q: Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself.

My hobbies include riding and competing my horse. I compete her in dressage and love spending time with her!

I also enjoy walking my two dogs and getting out in the countryside.

One of my achievements has been through my apprenticeship and the early career ambassador programme and it was being chosen as JLR’s female apprentice to represent the company in an inspiring children’s career flashcard pack.

Q: What hints and tips can you share with the potential candidates who are going through the application / interview process? 

Before the interview it is always useful to research the company; so research JLR’s values and what it stands for and have a little bit of product knowledge. It is also important to be prepared and take everything that was asked for (ID, GCSE certificates etc) with you so you aren’t disorganised. However, the most important thing is to be yourself and have confidence in yourself.

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