Mason - Undergraduate Project Manager
4 months ago


Undergraduate Project Manager – currently on the Degree Apprenticeship

My first week at WSP!

After my first week at WSP I can confidently say that it is a friendly and exciting environment to work in. During my first week I have met colleagues from different areas of the company and met the team I will be working in. They have welcomed me into the team which I am slowly becoming a part of. I was nervous to meet everybody at first but once you are in the office you will settle in quick.

I have been doing health and safety training and tech tutorials all week to get me up to scratch with the companies processes which has been made engaging by the interactivity of the different modules. I can’t wait to get started on some of my own projects and I am looking forward to the rest of my time with WSP.

Now I have completed my second week I feel much more comfortable in my role as I am now being given projects to work on and I am making a difference to the team. Although it is challenging to balance work and study as an apprentice it means I am always busy and never bored.

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