Marley Soso - Bellanger: A Recipe For Success
4 years ago

Apprenticeships is the best way to keep the hospitality industry growing. The opportunities after an apprenticeship isn’t limited just within UK. The prospect of pursuing a dream career in this industry is worldwide.

Marley Soso has been one of the most aspiring chef who started a Level 2 Professional Cookery at Bellanger Restaurant in Islington through West Met Skills. His passion for food and willingness to learn led him to win the “Employee of the month” twice and has been nominated outstanding for at least 10 times. He is now studying a Level 3 Chef De Partie apprenticeship through Bellanger. Marley has proved himself on the most punishing services, can diverse with front of house and the rest of the chefs and communicate with them clearly, can Identify problems and resolve them as quickly as they appear.

Marley Soso West Met Skills. “Employee of the month” a Level 3 Chef De Partie apprenticeship

His employer says, “Since Marley has joined Corbin and King, in particular us here at Bellanger, he has shown a willingness to learn that is second to none. Since his very first day, whenever there is a new dish going on the menu, or one being discussed for a special, Marley is always around wanting to be involved.

Whenever there is a supplier trip, Marley is the first to put his hand up. His interest in food and produce is extremely endearing for someone his age and is clearly an indication of the Chef he will become one day.

Marley has all the makings of being a top chef one day. At his current age, he is miles ahead of anyone else in his class. I would hire Marley in a Heartbeat. Wherever he goes from here, he will easily find a new position and excel within weeks. He will be a great asset to any kitchen team. I’m that impressed with his professionalism and attitude that I would absolutely take him with me to my next job. Career aside, Marley’s maturity outside of work is also extremely commendable. He is the prime example of the saying ‘Age is just a number’. At West Met Skills, we have industry-standard kitchen offering high-quality apprenticeships trained by experienced experts.

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