Malek Mustaffa- Higher Apprentice
4 months ago

What is your job title?​

I am an operations management apprentice which consists of a 2.5 year program with a destination role at the end of the apprenticeship. It is in partnership with University of Derby mineral products division that will allow me to have a degree at the end of my program. The apprenticeship scheme also consists of a core skills module that looks at developing the individuals’ soft skills such as effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and time management. These skills allow the individual to develop themselves and help them progress in their career.

What does a day/week in your role look like?​

A typical day for an myself in an operational quarry will vary, as well as the specific tasks that I am assigned. However, some common tasks that and I may perform include are.​

- Assisting with the planning and execution of quarry operations, such as blasting, excavation, and transportation.​

- Monitoring equipment and ensuring that it is operating safely and efficiently.​

- Keeping track of material on stockpiles and ensuring that materials are available when needed.​

- Maintaining records and reports on quarry operations.​

- Complying with all safety and environmental regulations.​

What do you enjoy the most about your role? ​

I enjoy the learning and development opportunities that available to myself that will help me further develop and reach my long-term goals. I also think that my team make me enjoy my role as they are  supportive, positive, and help me with my growth within the quarrying industry. 

What do you like about working for Tarmac? 

- Competitive pay and benefits, tarmac offer competitive salaries and benefits packages to its employees.​

- Opportunities for growth and development, tarmac is committed to helping its employees grow and develop their careers. The company offers a variety of training and development programs, as well as opportunities for advancement.​

- A strong focus on safety, tarmac takes safety very seriously and has a strong safety culture. The company provides its employees with the training and resources they need to stay safe on the job.​

- A supportive and inclusive work environment, tarmac is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment for all of its employees. The company values diversity and is committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees.

What advice would you give to other young people about Early Careers? ​​

- Don't be afraid to explore different options. It's okay if you don't know exactly what you want to do right away. Experiment with different jobs and internships to figure out what you're passionate about and what you're good at.​​

- Network with people in your field. Talk to people who are working in jobs that you're interested in. Ask them about their career paths and get their advice. Networking can help you learn about different opportunities and get your foot in the door.​​

- Don't be afraid to fail. Everyone makes mistakes, especially early in their careers. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from taking risks and trying new things.​​

- Be willing to work hard and learn. The early stages of your career are a time to learn as much as you can. Be proactive and ask for opportunities to take on new challenges. Be willing to put in the extra effort to make yourself stand out.​​

Here is my own path into early careers:​​

I was always interested in hands on and practical subjects at secondary school and I knew that I wanted to go to college to complete my A-Levels. After secondary school, I went to college to study economics, business and sociology. While I was in college, I completed a few work placements at different companies. This helped me to learn about different industries I liked and to figure out what I wanted to do with my career.​​

After realising that I didn’t want to go University, when completing my UCAS application I had started to look at degree apprenticeships. Then I had started to apply for the degree applications that had interested me. After looking at my options, I decided to go with Tarmac and here I am with one year into my program.

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