James - Undergraduate Engineer
4 months ago

Why an apprenticeship?

Firstly, a degree apprenticeship was always my ambition after A-levels, being able to gain on the job experience whilst being supported by a company to complete a degree sounded like the perfect option for myself. Although this is no easy option as you must balance a full-time job with study, however the position I will be in after completing my degree will be leaps and bounds ahead of a fresh graduate coming straight from university. So overall the apprenticeship route for engineering is a superb path, and one in which WSP can offer to you.

Joining WSP

My first day of joining the Water Team at WSP I was extremely nervous, although I had been into the office on a few prior occasions (for my interview and to drop some documents off) and had met my Line Manager, it was still daunting. I arrived early to the office, went upstairs and was greeted by a lovely receptionist which instantaneously put me at ease. On arrival I was giving all my IT equipment and then waited for my line manager to come along. From day one there was a lot to remember: people’s names, passwords and just general information but don’t worry about trying to take it all in just remember what you can, and the stuff you can’t remember just simply ask, there isn’t a stupid question.

A helpful program WSP has assigned, is that all new starters are assigned a buddy. This is someone who you can ask questions to regularly and they can try and set aside any queries. This was helpful. During the first day, I completed various admin task and then began to complete the set training courses and the key points on the ‘My first Day’ section in the WSP canopy.

From the first day, everyone who I met was incredibly kind and helpful and answering questions was not a bother to them, this helped me to settle in. Throughout the day, I was given an office tour, introduced to more people and before I knew it, it was home time.

My First week of joining the Water Team at WSP was full on but enjoyable. Something that surprised me, was how quickly I was integrated into the business / engineering projects. Within my first week, I was sitting in project review meetings getting an experience of how WSP handle clients and go about their projects which was fascinating. Throughout the week I took part in various training courses from Health and Safety to CAD training and met many more passionate engineers.

Furthermore, as my first week went on and I started to become more comfortable in the office, something that stood out to me was the social environment of the office, and just how much employee well-being is at the forefront of WSP. For example, there are quiet rooms dotted throughout the office if you need a break from noise and work, also the office has standing desks for more ergonomic working positions, and the clarification this was a great working environment came from the buzz around the cafeteria at lunch times. Toward the end of my first week, I had become comfortable of how WSP’s format works.

Overall, my experience of joining WSP so far has been an efficient and stress-free process, one in which I would recommend to anyone.  

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