Jade Carino - I Am A Software Engineer Working In The Ibm Uk Labs
2 years ago

What made you decide to come to IBM as a school leaver?

I wanted to start working full-time right away so that I could gain practical experience as well as knowledge. I also wanted to start gaining eminence in the technology industry and begin growing a professional network which I felt would be best achieved by starting a full-time role as opposed to going down an academic route. Additionally, I wanted to start earning a good salary and be financially independent from a young age.

What hints or tips would you pass to those who are interested in applying to IBM as a school leaver?

I would encourage you to research IBM and find the projects or products that IBM has worked on that you find the most fascinating and make sure you explain what about them interests you –this will show you have a genuine passion for technology. I’d also advise you to be yourself and let your personality and individuality stand out in your application as IBM values having a diverse workforce.

What’s the best thing about your current role?

The best thing about my job is that it’s so varied and I am never just doing one thing. I have my responsibilities as a Software Engineer which involves designing and developing code for a team within the Labs, and in addition that I get to make presentations to my department and external customers, I get involved in hackathons and patenting and I also have public engagements such as speaking with school leavers and going to awards and events.

What support was available to you when starting at IBM?

When I joined, I was introduced to a cohort of new school leavers who had joined IBM just before me, so I had a large support system of people going through exactly the same thing as me. I also have a manager who is specifically a manager for early professionals so is knowledgeable on the school leaver schemes and very supportive. I also had a mentor and buddy from my team who helped me to settle into my role. IBM also has several Business Resource Groups for people who want to join a community of people similar to them.

What’s the best thing about being at IBM?

The best thing about being at IBM is working for a reputable company that has high eminence in the technology industry. Any project I work on has a genuine impact for the company and in the industrywhich allows me to have a real sense of pride in my work.

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