Hashleen Grover - Work And Rewards Analyst
4 months ago

What’s your name?

Hashleen Grover

What’s your job title?

Work and Rewards Analyst

Where did you study?

Featherstone High School Sixth Form

What did you study?

I studied Business, Psychology and Sociology at A-Level.

What does your role look like? What skills do you use?

My role involves data analysis, so I tend to use a lot of Excel and PowerPoint presentations. I also use a lot of analytical skills to interpret data and recommend the best solutions to client queries. 

How is your team? Do you meet regularly?

My team is amazing! We have a weekly catch-up for the whole floor every Monday, a team meeting every Tuesday and a department meeting every Thursday to discuss updates and news.

What have you learnt since joining WTW?

I have learned that there is a lot more to insurance and consulting than what I knew before. For example, I didn’t know that compensation/rewards consulting even existed until I joined!

Are you working towards any qualifications, or learning goals?

                I am working towards a Level 4 Junior Management Consultant qualification.

Are you part of any of the networks? Do you get involved in any of the social activities at WTW?

I am part of the Heroes4Zero sustainability network at WTW and enjoy taking part in social activities when the opportunity arises.


What advice would you give to people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

To download LinkedIn and connect with people from the company on there, especially people from the team they’ll be working in as it virtually introduces them to people that they may not necessarily get the chance to meet in person. LinkedIn is also a good way to post your own work experiences which are useful when applying to apprenticeships. 

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