Becky Darlington, Business And Technology Apprentice
6 years ago

“I applied for the Apprenticeship as I was working in retail at the time and was trying to work my way up to a managerial level. I realised I needed a change from working evenings and weekends and believed I wouldn’t learn well in a University environment.

I love being hands on and learning through doing things rather than sitting in a classroom. You are treated as an adult here at Unilever and there is a great focus on you evolving yourself in your time here.

The most valuable piece of advice I’ve been given during my Apprenticeship is to be yourself; learn from your mistakes as you’re here to not only work but to learn as well – your future is what you make it.

I knew with the programme being with Unilever it wouldn’t be a case of that stereotypical “apprentice making tea and photocopying”. However I didn’t expect it to be as good as it has been. I have certainly evolved my skills as a worker, learner and person. Each day is different and you meet so many people who are willing to help.

My advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship scheme is to take any opportunity to gain access into a Global Company. Not only will you benefit from this, but so will the employer and they will recognise your efforts in your time here. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain a qualification whilst being paid.

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