Job Interviews: Career Dating!
3 years ago

Have you ever been out on a date? Getting ready to go, wondering what you will say, and the nerves when you first arrive – it all sounds a bit like a job interview! In a way you could say that having a job interview is like going on a date for your career. The interviewer will be trying to work out if they like you, while you, in turn try to look your best and see if you like the look of the company or job itself. In fact, while your qualifications and experience are important (you might not be able to get the job without them), there is a lot more going on than checking out statistics. Just like a date, your personality will also play an important part in whether you get the job.

It is perfectly possible to look the part but not quite match up to expectations – just like seeing a good looking potential date, only to find out that they have some irritating habits that mean you just can’t get along. This goes for both you as the applicant as it does for the employer themselves.

Just like with a date you should do your research first. Look into the company you are applying to and see what you can find out about the job itself. It’s a bit like asking a friend about the person they have set you up on a date with! A little bit of inside information is always useful, plus it might give you some things to talk about.

Equally, your potential employer may be looking to see what you are like – so check the privacy settings on your social media accounts and remove any posts that you wouldn’t be happy with your new boss seeing.

While personalities matter, just like with a date, so do first impressions. Dress well in something that is both smart and makes you feel good about yourself. If you feel good you will be more relaxed and perform better in the interview. Prepare you clothes in advance so know you will be ready for the interview.

Also, don’t make the mistake of not being polite and friendly to everyone you meet at your interview – from the interviewer himself, to the person at reception. People will talk so make a good impression with everyone. It’s a bit like going to a restaurant on a date and being rude to the waiter – your date won’t be impressed!

Once the interview is over you will be left waiting to get a call back. However, you don’t have to sit idly by – why not take the initiative?

If you went on a date with someone you liked would you just sit back hoping they might call? Of course, not, you’d try sending them a text to say how much of a nice time you had. OK, so you don’t want to come across as desperate, and the same goes for a job interview, but an email or card to say thank-you can tip the balance in your favour.

In many ways an interview is exactly like a date for your career – with the hope that you can forge a relationship for at least a few years!


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