How To Stand Out In Your Apprenticeship Application
3 years ago

It’s no secret that apprenticeships are incredibly competitive and with more people opting to take this option, you need to know how to stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some useful tips to help you stand out in your apprenticeship application. 

1. Tailor it to the role 

This may sound obvious, but many candidates fail to tailor their application to the specific role or programme they’re applying for. Taking some time to consider why you’re passionate about an apprenticeship can make the world of a difference. It shows that you understand what you’re applying for as well as making you come across as enthusiastic and likely to excel on the scheme. 

2. Share unique experiences 

As many people will be applying for the roles you’re going for, it’s important to refer to examples that are unique and relevant. If you do not have any work experience then do not worry as there are plenty of other experiences you can talk about such as extra-curricular activities, qualifications you may hold or even a hobby you pursue in your spare-time. Try to think of things that aren’t common and make sure that you highlight the skills you gained from the experience. For instance, being a  part of a sports team may have helped you develop teamwork and networking skills. 

3. Do your research…properly! 

By research, we don’t mean a quick google search or glance over the company’s website. Taking a  more in-depth approach to your research is another great way to stand out. Following the company’s social media will mean that you’ll not only get updates on their live vacancies, but you will also learn more about the projects they may be working on and their company culture. LinkedIn is particularly good for this. It’s also key to research the industry so you can get a better idea of your ambitions and where you might want to go. Having some future aspirations will definitely give you a  leg up. 

4. Network 

Networking is arguably one of the most important skills when it comes to a job search however we know that in the current situation it can be difficult to do so. To get started, we recommend following some key companies and profiles relevant to the industry you want to go into. You’ll get an understanding of the common language that is used, notified about events that may be happening and an idea of current affairs. By getting involved you’ll naturally develop networks and communities; you never know when you’ll need a connection. This will certainly impress recruiters and show initiative which is a highly valued attribute that employers look for. 

5. Sell yourself 

We know it’s hard but selling yourself and demonstrating your worth is key to success. The first step to selling yourself is understanding your strengths. You can demonstrate them by giving examples where you’ve shown your skillset. Ensure that you promote interpersonal and soft skills in particular as companies tend to place a huge emphasis on working in teams and developing collaborative relationships. This is your chance to promote those unique experiences that we discussed above and once you nail this; you’ll find that applications become much easier. 

Good luck in your apprenticeship search and we hope these top tips can help you stand out in your applications. Remember to see the process as an opportunity and a chance to learn!

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