How To Fill In An Application Form
3 years ago

What you write on an application form and in a covering letter is basically you – on paper! So if you want the chance to be seen in person in an interview, here’s the best possible way to fill in an application form…Whatever the job you’re applying for, you’ll find that most application forms, online or on paper, are pretty much the same. You’ll be asked for a few personal and contact details like your name, address and date of birth. You will also be asked about your education and qualifications, work experience and your achievements and interests and you’ll also be asked to write a personal statement and to supply the names and addresses of at least two referees. One referee should supply a character reference which you could get from someone who has known you for a few years and the other should be a formal reference from an employer if possible or a teacher, a youth club leader or someone in a position of authority who knows you reasonably well.ChecklistBefore you even start filling in the form:
Read it all the way through – this way, you’ll avoid making mistakes and repeating yourself.
Have a pen and paper handy and make notes as you read carefully through the form.
Once you’ve done that, you can start:
Focus on the questions you are being asked and answer them precisely, honestly and enthusiastically.
Keep your sentences and paragraphs short so that you don’t end up waffling!
Keep reminding yourself of the job role and the employer’s requirements each time you answer a question.
Once you have completed the form:
Read it through carefully and check for mistakes like: spelling errors and dodgy grammar and punctuation.
If you’re worried, ask a teacher to read it through and check it for you.
When you are 100% happy with it, print out your application form, check it again and make several copies for yourself so that when you go for your interview, you can remind yourself about what you’ve said on the form. It also makes it easier to fill in any subsequent application forms as you’ll have all the information immediately to hand.
Send out the application form as soon as possible!
One more thing:Never exaggerate or lie about anything on the form – you may not get caught out, BUT – it will be incredibly embarrassing if you do, very dishonest if you get the job instead of an honest person and legally, you can actually be prosecuted for lying about the mark you got for a degree, for instance.

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