Explore The World By Choosing A Career That Offers Relocation
3 years ago

Going down an employment path that offers relocation options could be a great way to fulfil your travel ambitions while still developing your career.

After feeling the shackles of education for the majority of your life so far — being tied down to the same place for so many years —, it’s only natural that you might feel the urge to travel or start fantasising about a gap year.

The problem with nomadic gap years is that they can often be filled with stress. Unless you have a deep pot of savings or a means of remotely sustaining yourself, you will inevitably run out of money when travelling. As a result of this, many refrain from realising their dream of seeing the world.

It doesn’t have to be as black and white, however. There are plenty of options out there that will allow you to travel the world while also earning money to keep yourself going. One avenue is to find part-time work while you’re travelling. This can work well in the short term, but it will be just as difficult to find another job when you move to your next location.

Another avenue that many are choosing to explore is working for a company that offers a relocation program. This will allow you to continue your career development in the short term but with a view to working abroad in the future. You will still be able to experience life in different cultures and climates but with job security and continued financial support.

This is not the eccentric, spontaneous gap year that many young adults fantasise about, but rather a responsible and sophisticated career development plan that will set you up with a good job when/if you decide to return home.

To give you an idea of the type of work that affords you travel opportunities, here are five companies and sectors that have an established relocation program, with information on how to qualify for it.

One of the largest banks in the world, Barclays, offers a route into employment that can prove a great alternative to University. Starting as part of their community or personal banker team, you can begin your career in the UK before opting to pack up and move after just a year.

Established in Newcastle a mere decade ago, Nigel Frank has grown into a global recruitment superpower after major investment from TPG Growth (of Spotify and Airbnb success). As a result, the company now has offices worldwide and cannot hire quickly enough to meet the demand.

If you prove yourself as a sharp recruitment consultant in the UK, you will be invited to work or even train new staff in offices abroad, with the USA and Australia proving to be Nigel Frank’s focus for growth.


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