Being A Girl In Construction - Is It Really A Male Industry?
1 year ago

Simple answer: No! Although everyone easily perceives the industry to be completely male dominated, our generation is proving it to not be. Currently, only 10% of the construction workforce is female – something that definitely needs to be changed!

Growing up, my parents had very stereotypical jobs – my mum worked in an office in admin, and my dad worked in construction. I grew up believing that I could only do female dominated work – for example, pursuing my dreams of becoming a dancer. But after reviewing my options after college, it really was my parents that helped me realise I could do anything! 

Although I am not on the tools, I am heavily involved in the construction industry being in the air conditioning and ventilation sector. My role involves a lot of communication with other trades and contractors, and most importantly the client. Although there is a higher ratio of men to women, on my current job there are so many amazing women in different roles. Each of these women have given me the confidence and reassurance that women do belong in the construction industry – no matter what stereotypes may say. 

Many people believe that working in the construction industry just means you’re some sort of builder, but there are so many different roles that require different types of people. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, from working in design, manufacture, surveying, accounting – the opportunities the construction industry offers in comparison to others really is endless.  

A lot of people I have met through Not Going To Uni did not realise how much female involvement there really is – including a lot of them working out on site, and installing a lot of the materials. Saying this, I have tried my hardest and will continue to share my experience and career path within construction to promote to others the opportunities there are.

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