5 Top Job Interview Tips
3 years ago

Have you got a job interview coming up? Maybe an apprenticeship interview that you want to ace? Either way, you want to show your quality and give yourself the best chance at being successful. This means how you look, your body language, and your answers all need to be on-point. A tall order? Not with these five top tips for interview success. Nail these and your chances of getting that job and kick-starting your career will improve.

  • Research

Don’t be lazy, take some time to prepare for the interview. If you don’t, there will be others who will. Check out the website of your prospective employer and find out what you can about the company. What are their aims, can you find out about any upcoming products, and what is the culture of the company like? Checking the ‘about us’ section of their website is a good place to start. Also look back over the job description and any other information you may have about the role you are applying for. See what skills and experience they want, and also what will be required of you in the job. If you want to go the extra mile, you might also want to do a little research into the industry you are going into. The more you know the easier it will be for you to speak during the interview. Knowledge is power – so make sure you get some before your interview!

  • Practice

Some people will find this easier than others, but it is worth practicing what you will say – even if you feel like a bit of an idiot doing it. While there is no guarantee which questions you will be asked, there are some common interview questions that you can prepare answers for. Having a few answers for questions like why you would be a good fit for the job, and what your strengths and weaknesses are will help you relax and perform better at the interview.

  • Dress the part

A job interview is not the time to express your individual fashion sense. What you wear and how you present yourself will make a difference in a job interview. It may not seem fair or right, but it is the truth. An interviewer will probably make a judgement on you just from your appearance – especially if your top is crumpled and your shoes are dirty. There has been some debate about what makes good interview attire, but you can’t go wrong by dressing well – you are unlikely to be turned down for being too smart! While looking the part may not win you many plus points (it is sort of expected), not doing so could cost you the job!

  • Keep calm!

Easier said than done, you might think, but with good preparation you will be less likely to panic. Plan your route to the interview before you set off, and allow extra time to get there. Starting an interview by arriving late and flustered is not a good look! Prepare what you are going to wear and anything you need to take with you the night before, so that you are not in a rush the next day. There are plenty of tips to help you stay calm during the job interview itself, but at least try to speak clearly, smile, and breathe!

  • Any questions?

Most interviews will end by giving you the opportunity to ask questions, so make sure you have some ready. Try to think of a few things you can ask about the job itself as well as some questions about the culture and goals of the company you would be working for. You may find that some of your pre-prepared questions are answered during the interview itself, so it is always worth having four or five prepared beforehand.


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