24 Hours Paid Time off to Volunteer for all Employees

1 year ago

Why volunteer? What are the benefits? 

Volunteering is important as it offers essential help to worthwhile causes and the communities they support. Organisations and charities rely on the support of volunteers as often they are only part-funded or rely solely on donations and grants they access.  Many organisations are dependent upon teams of skilled volunteers to help them develop and meet their objectives.

At Thales, our mission is to be committed to a better future for our people, our communities, our environment and our business. At the heart of this is volunteering and the importance of giving back to both the local and wider communities we work within.

Thales UK’s community engagement is centred on our purpose of “building a future we can all trust” and is underpinned by our four pillars:

  • Living net zero
  • Supporting cohesion and inclusivity in our local communities
  • Making a difference across the UK
  • Promoting digital citizenship

The Thales UK volunteering programme is a key delivery vehicle to meet this ambition, one in which we can all contribute towards, making a great success. All Thales employees in the UK are entitled to take up to 24 hrs a year of paid time off for volunteering in addition to their annual leave entitlement. Volunteering at Thales has a wide reach and enables you to get involved with STEM education and outreach events, fundraising, community engagement and environmental.

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