10 Good Reasons To Take A Gap Year
3 years ago

If you are considering taking a Gap Year, then you may be concerned about things like how much it might cost and whether taking a year out will harm your career or education. You might wonder if it isn’t just better to knuckle down and ‘get on with things’ by heading off to uni, starting an apprenticeship, or finding a job. However, if you spend the time wisely, a Gap Year needn’t be a sacrifice but could actually be a really beneficial experience in a number of different ways. Here we present ten good reasons to take that Gap Year:

  • Experience A Different Culture

Going on holiday abroad is great. It can help expand your horizons and see a different culture, but a gap year takes this one step further by really letting you live the culture. Rather than just dipping in and out you will spend time fully-immersed in a different way of living – and if that’s not life changing we’re not sure what is! Besides, spending time in a foreign country can also help you to…

  • Pick Up A New Language

It could be that your foreign language skills are bit rusty or lacking, However, by being surrounded by a different language you will quickly find that you start to learn. Despite the current political climate, we still live in a global society and foreign language skills are highly desirable for many employers!

  • Learn Some Life Skills

Being away from home will force you to communicate with others, adapt to different situations and basically learn some new skills. These may be a structured part of your Gap Year plans or simply from being in a different place.

  • Find Your Passion

A Gap Year offers the chance for you to try new things and have new experiences – and you could find that one of them turns into a new passion. Not only could you uncover hidden interests, but you may even find a Gap Year that ties in with your dreams and aspirations!

  • Get Ready For The Next Step

Whether you plan on finding work or doing some more study once you finish your gap Year, the time away can really help get you ready. The experience can teach you independence and a level of maturity that can help you stand out and make the most of your next step.

  • Time To Think

A Gap Year can also act as a great time to think away from the everyday pressures of your life at home. When you are working week-to-week or term-to-term, your life can seem to just rush past, but a Gap Year may give you time to just think, breathe, and be. Who knows what the extra space will allow you to come up with?

  • Have Some Adventures

Come on, you only live once, so why not take the opportunity to have some adventures and make some lasting memories too? You’re young, with no mortgage, no job worries, no children, and no worries. When are you going to get a chance like this again? The answer is probably never, that’s when!

  • Improve Your Job Prospects

Not only can you have some adventures, see the world, and pick yup new skills, but a Gap Year could improve your job prospects. Far from being a waste of time, a Gap Year can show employers that you have a lot of the qualities they want – such as teamwork, communication, open-mindedness, a willingness to try new things, and so on. A well spent gap Year always looks good on your C.V. too – and could be enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Get Out Of The Classroom

You have spent years sat in classrooms, so why not escape, at least for a little while? Even I you plan on going on to study after your Gap Year, why not step out from behind your desk for a few months and get a new perspective on life?

  • Make New Friends

A Gap Year is also a great time to meet new people and make new friends. Some people go on their Gap Year with a friend, while others go alone. Either way you are likely to meet new people from a variety of different places and backgrounds. You might return home with a new pen-pal on the other side of the world, which could even equal somewhere to visit later on too!

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